Never Ready / Never Alone

If told you are never... expect there to be a lie and an agenda in play,


Take a base concept and expand on it to the point of absurdity. Don’t stop. Specifically, this comic addresses the patterns of never, of being told one can never be something, never be not something, and the adaptations thereof. It is also a project of self-entertainment, in that I just plain love butterflies, to the point of creating rather a lot of material derived from archival stock restored for a project a few years back.

The goal was to – as simply as possible programmatically – script every element of the project from start to finish. Linework to overlay, words to color adaptation.

Programmatically, this succeeded reasonably well, with base drawings and base text elements paired after three runs for color, layers, framing and whatnot. What turned out not to work the first few times mostly boiled down to tools running system memory into the ground. 64 gig should have been enough.

Happily, now all is butterflies and a grim progression of contract/consent speculation.